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JAKARTA – Yandex is a Russian browser feature that provides regulations for free access to adult content. This means that this search engine can easily display search results that may be inappropriate for some people. So, can Yandex filter search results that lead to adult content? Sure I can.

Reporting from various sources, Thursday (5/10/2023) Yandex itself has provided a feature that gives users the ability to filter search results while browsing the search engine. These filters can be easily adjusted in the Settings menu.

Here’s how to filter adult content in Yandex:

1. Open the Yandex application first.

2. From the Home screen, tap the Profile tab.

3. Next, in the different menu options that appear, select the gear logo view which is the Settings menu.

4. After entering the Settings menu, you can scroll down the screen, then select Parental Controls.

5. Select a filter option. Among the 3 filters i.e. do not filter, moderate filter and family search, the filter by default will be in the moderate filter option. Therefore, to maximize the adult content filter, you can change it in the family search option.

In general, the family search filter is the safest to avoid search results that contain adult content. This is different from the unfiltered filter which is free or the moderate filter which applies only reasonable restrictions.

However, please note that even if the family search filter has been activated, sometimes the filter does not work properly. In some cases, Yandex continued to return search results related to adult content even after the filter was applied. Additionally, the family search filter will make your keyword-based search results more limited because there are fewer of them than usual.

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Therefore, for those of you who feel bothered by Yandex search results that often show adult content, or even for use by minors, the device block option may be the right choice. Not only by filtering, blocking Yandex, you can avoid sites that contain adult content.

As Okezone previously reported, using Yandex, even via the Google Chrome browser, can be easily blocked. Here are the complete steps.

1. Install BlockSite in Google Chrome;

2. Visit the page you want to block;

3. Block Yandex sites.

Here’s how to filter adult content in Yandex. Hopefully it can be used wisely by users. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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