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JAKARTA – Black hole or black holes become mysterious objects that are quite difficult to understand. But the idea that black holes are capable of devouring the universe has been ingrained in many people’s minds, but is that really the case?

According to University of Rhode Island black hole physicist Gaurav Khanna, this assumption is not entirely true. Indeed, black hole it can only devour anything nearby that ventures into the event horizon.

“They only swallow things that are very close,” Khanna said, as compiled by Live science Tuesday (8/8/2023).

Khanna says the event horizon for black hole the mass of the Sun would only extend for 2 miles (3 kilometers). For a black hole with the mass of the Earth, the event horizon is only a few centimeters, like the size of a thumb.


severity black hole it will only affect the stars and planets that surround it, it can even make them orbit, as does the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, but it won’t swallow them.

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According to Alexei Filippenko, expert black hole from the University of California, Berkeley, size black hole itself is quite small. In order for it to have a high enough chance of engulfing a star, it must be aimed directly at it.

Over time, this type of cosmic bullseye can occur. But for the Sun to swallow black hole at the center of the Milky Way, for example, it would take an enormous amount of time for a star’s orbit to line up exactly with that of the black hole.

Also black hole the largest known in the universe, a cosmic titan called TON 618, weighing about 40 billion solar masses, appears unable to simply devour the universe.

This limitation stems from the fact that while massive black holes absorb matter, they also release tons of radiation. The radiation heats and ionizes the surrounding material, making it more difficult for gas and dust to cool and fall, slowing the rate of ingestion.

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