Call of Duty Mobile collaborates again with Girls Frontline: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Garena Call of Duty┬«: Mobile (CODM) again features a collaboration with Girls’ Frontline. The collaboration will bring together two iconic characters from Girls’ Frontline, Dusk – Otherworld Ensemble and Kestrel – Twilight Symphony.

This collaboration will be even more special with an exclusive Roguelike Gameplay themed event that offers players a different and fresh experience.

Lucky Draw Girls’ Frontline (August 5 – September 10, 2023)

Jupiter Cannon and Midnight Faith Lucky Draws will be available together exclusively, starting August 5, 2023. Each of these Lucky Draws will provide different characters and special special collaboration items for CODM X Girls Frontline.

If players want to get Dusk – Otherworld Ensemble, players can choose Lucky Draw Jupiter Cannon. If players are interested in the Kestrel – Twilight Symphony character, then they can play Lucky Draw Midnight Faith.

From the two Lucky Draws, players can also get legendary weapons such as M4 – Jupiter Cannon (along with a special Japanese voiceover), Ballista EM3 – Firepower Focus with special effects, and ICR-1 – Wisteria Visage (without additional voiceover) .

Each weapon has its own uniqueness. The M4 – Jupiter Cannon, for example, features stickers of girls’ Frontline characters and unique weapon animations. Meanwhile, the ICR-1 has a holographic iron sight with a modern impression.

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Free exclusive items

This August, Garena CODM will also feature many exciting events and free prizes, including girls’ Frontline-themed weapons.

By completing missions and collecting tokens in the game, players can obtain various Female Frontline themed weapon skins, such as GKS – Impenetrable Wall, Kilo Bolt-Action – Dance of Cinnabar, and QXR – Flight Menace.

Among the three weapons, QXR – Flight Menace is a special weapon with Japanese voice acting. Soldiers (as CODM players) just need to keep logging in and playing CODM during the Girls’ Frontline event to get the prize!

Collapse Mutation Event (4 August – 4 September 2023)

This time, the special collaboration between CODM X Girls’ Frontline also features a special event like never before, namely Collapse Mutation.

This Collapse Mutation event is reminiscent of Roguelike game in play store. In this event, players will be challenged to go through many dungeons and choose the best strategy to deal with enemies so that they can move on to the next stage.

In this Collapse Mutation event, players can play 4 main characters, namely HK416, UMP45, Kar98K and M870. Each character has its own uniqueness, starting from the weapons used up to the special abilities.

After successfully completing the mission, players will receive a special token reward that can be used to obtain Female Frontline characters. The more character collections players have, the more free gifts they can get.

Characters that have been collected can later be turned into stickers by completing certain quests. This special sticker can be attached to your favorite weapon to make the weapon more unique and attractive!

Write down the complete date and be sure to log in and play CODM throughout August 2023!

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