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JAKARTA – Lola Bakery is a match-3 game adapted from a character from MNC Animation’s animated series, “Kiko”, which airs Sundays on RCTI at 08:00 WIB under the title Kiko.

Lola Bakery is a game produced by PT Esports Star Indonesia (ESI) under the auspices of MNC Digital Entertainment.

Now, Lola Bakery has a special price for all of you. You can buy diamonds much cheaper without terms and conditions, you know. Surely you all want that, right?

Therefore, you must immediately enter the Lola Bakery game and check out the Shop feature. Choose what you want to check and make the payment immediately. This promotion is limited, you know, so don’t miss out!

Download the Lola Bakery game application from the Play Store and the App Store or click on the following link . For those of you who already have the Lola Bakery game, you can instantly update the Lola Bakery game on your gadget.

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