Bulog Sorsel is ready to distribute rice-based food aid to two districts

Teminabuan (MidLand) – The public company (Perum) Bulog South Sorong Sub-Branch (Sorsel), southwestern Papua, is preparing the distribution of rice-based food aid to two districts to be allocated in May and June 2024.

Bulog Sorsel chief Dedi Wahyudi in Teminabuan on Wednesday said the April food aid had been distributed some time ago.

“For the distribution of food relief rice, we distributed it for phase II in April 2024. Preparations are now underway for the allocation for May-June 2024.” Dedi said.

He said the total distribution of rice-based food aid in Sorsel Regency was 79 tons and 120 kg for 7,000 beneficiary families (KPM).

“Meanwhile for Maybrat Regency it was 83 tons and 120 kg for 8,300 food assistance (PBP) recipients,” Dedi said.

He continued, for Phase II recipients, 10 kg per month is allocated for each PBP, while for Phase II, 3 months of allocation is given.

“In addition to rice-based food relief services, Bulog Teminabuan also distributed 80 tons of TNI/Polri and ASN rice to South Sulawesi, while Maybrat Regency 70 tons,” Dedi said.

Dedi continued, ASN, TNI/Polri distribution is already underway for South Sorsel, while Maybrat Regency will begin next month because the transporter was only approved this month.

Additionally, Dedi said SPHP rice is still being heavily distributed and is always available at retail partners.

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