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JAKARTA – The Agency for Research and Innovation (BRIN) animated the 4th PDI-Perjuangan National Working Meeting (Rakernas PDIP) by organizing a Plus Food exhibition at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Saturday (30/9/2023.

At the fair, BRIN presented a series of processed foods resulting from research and technology supporting agriculture.


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Various food products and technological innovations quickly caught attention. Not only the participants of the PDIP IV Rakernas but also the visitors of the JIExpo. They are proud because, as an agricultural country, Indonesia is able to present various food products and technological innovations to support agriculture.

“So in this exhibition there are several products made by BRIN from research centers and research organizations that are members of BRIN,” said Darwin Kadir, one of the members of the delegate for the utilization of research and innovation at BRIN, at the Pangan Plus. arena exhibition.

Among the numerous BRIN research products on display, one of them was Sagoomie, packaged noodles made from sago. Apart from this, there is also Japangi (instant ginger) which is made into fitness drinks.

Another no less interesting processed food is Purula. Purula is known to be a loose flake food that is often used as a complementary food to staple foods to increase daily iron intake.


This purula is believed to have the function of increasing the absorption of iron into the blood, thus preventing anemia.

Not just processed foods, there are a number of agricultural support technologies that are also the focus of vocational school students who participated in the Pangan Plus exhibition.

They were amazed when they saw Inaero, a sophisticated instrument that resembles an airplane. Apparently this instrument has the function of helping to measure the earth’s surface, identify types of plants and various other functions.

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In addition to this there is also the Aeropro Sprayer, a drone-like tool that has a not very different function. This tool can also be used to spray fertilizers or pesticides.

Another instrument exhibited was AeroAgri. This advanced technology has the function of measuring nutrients in the soil and is equipped with an anemometer and more precise ultrasonic wind direction. Therefore, it can provide accurate data information that is easy for farmers to understand through the application.

Darwin hopes that what BRIN exhibits through the Pangan Plus exhibition will attract the interest of visitors, especially vocational school students, in what BRIN has produced.

“So it can create motivation, become a stimulus to carry out research, find innovations. There are also many schoolchildren who have made innovations and discoveries,” he said.

For your information, the topic raised by the 4th national working meeting of PDI Perjuangan was “Food sovereignty for the well-being of the Indonesian people” with the sub-theme “Food as the supremacy of Indonesian leadership in the world”.

2023 Food Plus Exhibition Committee Chairman Rahmad Handoyo said his party’s event was packed with a display of innovative food products created by the nation’s children.

“We will showcase the highest quality seed and processing technologies that produce a variety of innovative, value-added derivative products,” Rahmad said.

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