BRIN Explanation why there are no astronaut projects in Indonesia

TIME.CO, Jakarta – So far, the Indonesian space sector has never heard of a project again astronaut. Although a number of countries, such as China, Japan and the United Arab Emirates, have astronauts on assignments on the Space Station. Last time, in the 1980s, Indonesia was recorded as having had astronaut candidates, though they ultimately didn’t go.

Head of the Indonesian Research and Innovation Agency’s Aeronautics and Space Research Organization (BRIN) Robertus Heru Triharjanto said that if you look at the presidential regulation number 45 of 2017 regarding the master plan for the space administration there is no manned or astronaut space program. “There must be declaration of intent from senior management,” he said after an Aviation and Space talk show, at the BJ Habibie Building, Central Jakarta on Monday, August 7, 2023.

According to Robertis, sending astronauts isn’t cheap. “If we send something into space, it’s calculated per kilogram,” she said.

Each kilogram is multiplied by several tens of thousands of US dollars to the owner of the rocket. So, to send astronauts, it means that you have to calculate the weight of the astronauts plus the equipment to be transported such as oxygen, food and so on.

Therefore, according to Robertus, currently Indonesia only sends satellites and it is not big. “There has to be a goal, if we send astronauts then what will we get,” he said.


Robertus also explained that the current program refers to the Presidential Regulation number 45 of 2017 relating to the Space Master Plan. “Anything mission on earth. There is not mission to another planetary object,he said. Mission on earth that means travel by satellite for earth observation or by satellite for telecommunications.

According to Robertus, the Perpres is reviewed every five years. The DPR has been in force since 2017 and there should have been an evaluation. However, he did not know about the assessment and reviews if Indonesia later had a mission to another planet.

Currently, the project carried out by the Aeronautics and Space Research Organization is IoT stipulation AND earth observation constellation. For example, satellites that map and monitor all kinds of things on Earth.

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