Breath: The 15 regions with the highest air pollution this morning are dominated by Jabodetabek

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Even if working from home has been implemented (WF extension) for Jakarta Civilian State (ASN) monitoring application air pollution breath reported 15 polluted areas on Wednesday morning, August 23, 2023 at 05:28 am, dominated by Jabodetabek area and one point of the area in Bandung. All areas fall into the unhealthy category.

The upper sequence is filled from Parung Panjang, Bogor, with PM2.5 of 122 µg/m3, PM1 of 79 µg/m3 and PM10 of 129 µg/m3. The air humidity at the site was recorded at 93% and the temperature was 24 degrees Celsius.

“Use a mask when outdoors,” Breath suggested. Additionally, residents are asked not to open ventilation such as windows and to use a purifier inside the home.

The next sequence is as follows:

-Tarumajaya, Bekasi – PM 2.5 of 107 µg/m3

-Lengkong Wetan, South Tangerang – 97 µg/m3

– Panungangan Utara, Tangerang – 95 µg/m3

-Tajur, Tangerang – 91 µg/m3

-Semanan, West Jakarta – 91 µg/m3

-Lengkong Kulon, South Tangerang – 91 µg/m3

– South Kembangan, West Jakarta – 90 µg/m3

-Sukamenak, Bandung – 89 µg/m3

– Jelupang, Tangerang South – 82 µg/m3

-Pluit, North Jakarta – 82 µg/m3

-Pegadungan, West Jakarta – 81 µg/m3

– Gading Serpong, Tangerang – 80 µg/m3

-Cipondoh, Tangerang – 79 µg/m3

-Sampora, Tangerang – 69 µg/m3

While for another application, IQAir, around the same time, Jakarta was ranked the third most polluted city in the world. The top 6 sequences all fall into the unhealthy category, namely Kuwait City (Kuwait), Dubai (UAE), Jakarta, Doha (Qatar), Baghdad (Iraq), and Kampala (Uganda).

The pollution situation in several big cities or other regions in Indonesia around 05:30 am is as follows:

unhealthy category

– Tangerang with PM 2.5 of 100 µg/m3

– Vampires – 95.8 µg/m3

-Depok – 85 µg/m3


-South Tangerang – 81 µg/m3

-Serang Regency – 77.7 µg/m3

Jakarta – 72.8 µg/m3

Unhealthy category for sensitive groups

Surabaya – 53.6 µg/m3

– Bekasi – 48.9 µg/m3

The category is / moderate

-Lampung City – 34.4 µg/m3

-Bogor -31.6 µg/m3

-Bandung – 29 µg/m3

-Palangkaraya – 24.4 µg/m3

– OF Yogyakarta – 23.5 µg/m3

– Semarang – 20.5 µg/m3

Makassar – 19.9 µg/m3

-Banjarmasin – 14.1 µg/m3

Denpasar – 13.5 µg/m3

Beautiful category

-Medano – 0.8 µg/m3

If you look at the BMKG weather forecast, Medan is often hit by rains of varying intensity.

PM2.5 are solid air polluting particles measuring less than 2.5 micrometres or 36 times smaller than the diameter of a grain of sand. According to WHO standards, measurements are in units µg/m3, safe category is 0-12 µg/m3, moderate (12.1-35.4 µg/m3), unhealthy for sensitive groups ( 35.5-55.4 µg/m3), unhealthy (55.5-150.4 µg/m3), very unhealthy (150.5-250.4 µg/m3) and toxic (>250.4 µg/m3 ).

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