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JAKARTA – Climate change is a reality increasingly experienced by many industries, including capsule hotel service provider platform Bobobox. Currently, Bobobox has even launched a carbon footprint calculation function called Carbon Offset Toggle.

In collaboration with Fairatmos, users can now accurately calculate the carbon footprint emitted while staying in a capsule hotel and then donate funds to support forest restoration projects.

Bobobox co-founder and president Antonius Bong said that with this new feature, users can participate in various carbon reduction movements to reduce the risk of extreme climate change impacting lives.

“We started this initiative as a commitment to positively impact the environment by inviting consumers to reduce their carbon footprint through the latest Carbon Offset Toggle feature,” said Bong, Friday (10/13/2023).

“The funds raised will go towards a carbon credit program aimed at reducing emissions, with documentation and certification linked to systems such as SRN and other international platforms,” he continued.

Bong said that with this initiative his party wants to make people more aware of the importance of building a sustainable environment, one of which is balancing the carbon footprint or what is often called zero carbon emissions.

He also said that this initiative aims to support the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by up to 50% in Indonesia’s tourism industry by 2030, as well as realizing an emissions-free tourism industry by 2045.

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At the same time, the CEO of Fairatmos, Natalia Rialucky Marsudi, stated that each user staying in a Bobobox accommodation emits on average 6.6 kg tCO2 of CO2 emissions for the Bobopod accommodation type and 8.2 kg tCO2 for the Bobocabin accommodation.

The emitted carbon footprint can generally be absorbed by 54-68 mahogany trees, and to offset the carbon footprint, users can balance it via the Carbon Offset Toggle function in the Bobobox application.

To use it, you just need to place an order as usual, then click on the carbon offset toggle button, then the feature will calculate your carbon emissions in detail based on aspects such as room type, length of stay and the location of the accommodation.

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