BMKG: West Sumatra and Riau enter the rainy season in September, New Java in November

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Agency of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics o BMKG explained that in September 2023 there will be approximately 24 seasonal zones (ZoM) or approximately 3.4% of the seasonal zones that will enter the rainy season.

“In September 2023, there will be around 24 ZoM; 3.4% will enter the rainy season, covering parts of West Sumatra and South Riau,” Ardhasena Sopaheluwakan, BMKG’s acting deputy for climatology, said in a broadcast statement in Jakarta, Friday evening, September 8. 2023.

Ardhasena also revealed that in October 2023, around 69 ZoM (9.9%) will enter the rainy season, namely provinces such as Jambi, Northern South Sumatra, Southern Central Java, parts of West Kalimantan, Western Central Kalimantan and Greater part of East Kalimantan.

In November 2023 there are about 255 ZoM (36.5%) that will enter the rainy season, including South Sumatra, Lampung, most of Banten, Jakarta, West Java, most of Central Java, parts of East Java , Bali, a small part of NTB, a small part of NTT, North Sulawesi, Gorontalo, part of Central Sulawesi, most of South Sulawesi, northern North Maluku and southern South Papua.

Furthermore, about 153 ZoM (21.9%) are expected to enter the rainy season in December 2023, including most of northeast Java, parts of NTB, parts of NTT, most of southeast Java Sulawesi and parts of Maluku.

Meanwhile, from January to May 2024, about 22 ZoM (3.2%) are expected to start the rainy season. There are also around 50 ZoMs (7.2%) that have entered the rainy season, while around 12 ZoMs (1.7%) are areas with a rainy season through 2023.

Furthermore, there are 113 ZoMs (16.1%) included in the 1-season ZoM typology, which has the characteristics of one season throughout the year.

“Generally, the rainy season is expected to come later, i.e. around 446 ZoM (63.8%) across Indonesia. A total of 22 ZoM (3.2%) is expected to experience a early or early start of the rainy season.”And there are also about 56 ZoM, or about 8.0% of Indonesia’s territory, which are predicted to experience the same start of the rainy season as the climatological average,” he explained.


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The 2023/2024 rainy season is expected to be normal

Overall, the 2023/2024 rainy season is expected to be normal, i.e. around 566 ZoM (80.9%). However, there are several areas forecast to experience a rainy season with above-normal characteristics (above-average rainfall) of 69 ZoM (9.8%), as well as areas forecast to experience below-normal levels of 64 ZoM ( 9.1%). ).

“Areas where the rainy season is expected to be below normal include a small part of North Sumatra, South Lampung, a small part of Banten, a small part of West Java, East Central Java, South East Java, part of West Kalimantan, part of Nusa Tenggara.”East (NTT), North Central Sulawesi, South West Papua and West Papua,” he added.

“In the meantime, areas that should experiment rainy season with above-normal characteristics include South Aceh, North North Sumatra, North Riau, South West Sumatra, North Jambi, North Bengkulu, West South Sumatra, South Banten, South Central Sulawesi and South South East Sulawesi,” Ardhasena said.

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