BMKG states that climate diversity is high and the onset of the rainy season is not simultaneous

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Agency of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics o BMKG forecasts that several large cities in Indonesia will have cloudy to rainy weather on Friday, October 27, 2023.

Based on InfoBMKG information followed in Jakarta on Sumatra island, Padang city is generally cloudy, Pekanbaru is foggy and Tanjungpinang is expected to have moderate rain.

Caution is needed in the Banda Aceh area, rain accompanied by lightning is expected and in Medan heavy rain is expected.

Bengkulu City, Bandar Lampung and Pangkal Pinang are generally cloudy. Jambi city is foggy and Palembang city should be sunny and cloudy.

Moving on to the island of Java, the cities of Serang, Jakarta and Yogyakarta are generally cloudy. Partly cloudy skies are expected over Bandung city and also Surabaya. Meanwhile, light rain is expected in Semarang.

Furthermore, the cities of Denpasar and Kupang are generally sunny and cloudy, while Mataram is expected to be cloudy.

Heading towards Kalimantan, the cities of Palangka Raya and Samarinda are expected to be foggy. Cloudy skies are expected in Banjarmasin and Tanjung Selor City.

Meanwhile, light rain is expected in Pontianak.


On the island of Sulawesi, Mamuju City, Makassar and Manado the sky is generally cloudy. The cities of Palu and Gorontalo are expected to be cloudy and Kendari is expected to be sunny.

Towards eastern Indonesia, the cities of Ternate and Jayapura are expected to experience light rain. Cloudy skies are expected in the cities of Ambon and Manokwari.

Previously, BMKG head Dwikorita Karnawati predicted that the dry season would end in most of Indonesia from the end of October and that the rainy season would gradually begin in early November 2023.

However, due to high climate variability, the onset of the rainy season does not occur at the same time in all regions of Indonesia. Meanwhile, the peak of the rainy season is expected to occur between January and February 2024.

The onset of the rainy season, he said, is closely linked to the monsoon transition Australia becomes the Asian monsoon. Currently, the Asian monsoon has begun to enter Indonesian territory, so it is expected to start raining in November.

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