BMKG provides marine weather information to the fishermen of Tanjung Api-api

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Agency of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics o BMKG extension held South Sumatra Province Fisherman Weather Field School (SLCN) Class II of Palembang Kesyahbandaran Office and Port Authority (KSOP), Tanjung Api-api Working Area, South Sumatra on Tuesday, August 22, 2023. This school activity was held with the theme “Great fishermen, congratulations and prosperous”.

Chief of Maritime Meteorology Center Eko Prasetyo presented SLCN demonstrating InaWIS or Indonesian Meteorological Information for BMKG Expedition. “With the ease of information on InaWIS BMKG, the provisions for fishermen to go out to sea and catch fish are very satisfied,” Eko said.

With BMKG’s InaWIS, anglers who want to go out on the water can see marine weather conditions in the form of wave heights, marine currents, wind direction and speed, impact-based information, and fishing grounds that can view forecasts for next ten days.

Also present at the event was DPR Commission V of the Republic of Indonesia, Eddy Santana Putra, who also opened the Fisherman Weather Field School 2023 for South Sumatra Province. According to him, fishermen and their welfare are an important part of the community. “SLCN’s ‘Big, Happy, Prosperous Fishermen’ activity is expected to increase fish catches, especially in the South Sumatra region,” Eddy said.

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The fisherman’s confession

Enthusiasm for the student material was noted by fishermen, tradesmen, harbor masters and invited guests. According to Dadang Purnama (41), one in hundreds of South Sumatra SLCN participants said that this activity was very good. He was also very grateful to BMKG for carrying on this activity.


“This is an opportunity for us to learn about the sea and weather conditions,” Dadang said. According to him, before going to sea it only refers to his experiences, such as seeing the bright moon, stars and cloud conditions.

Meanwhile, Nurbaiti (31), who was a fishing instructor for six years in Sungsang District, also very much appreciates the South Sumatra SLCN activities to be held in 2023. “I hope the SLCN can continue to be carried out every year , so anglers are better equipped with marine weather information,” he explained.

As one of the national priorities, the SLCN is expected to be a means of disseminating maritime meteorological information, particularly in the maritime and fisheries sector. Furthermore, par students The SLCN is also expected to become a trainer for other anglers who have not had the opportunity to become participants.

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