Beware of new phishing templates, offended Instagram posts: Okezone techno

THEFT data by means of phishing carried out by irresponsible people is still going on and is always finding new ways.

This time, the modus operandi of phishing actors is to exploit the emotional side of the victim. Criminals hope that when the victim is provoked and angered, attempts to steal data can be carried out easily.

The method itself is spread through captured images circulating in WhatsApp groups. The screenshot shows how phishing actors send angry and taunting messages.

“Hi Bagas, what do you mean by uploading this photo to your IG?” write phishing scammers by including a special link.

“Honestly, I am confused by this photo. Do you want it deleted or I will take this case to court,” the phishing offender continued writing.

Naturally, victims provoked by their emotions will be curious to press this special link. Indeed, as it happened, the link was specially modified by phishing actors to steal data on mobile phones or electronic devices.

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So the public really needs to be vigilant if they suddenly receive a WhatsApp message that is threatening and includes a special link from an unknown person. “If you find a message like this, it’s best to delete it right away,” the screenshot says.

Previously, phishing activities also wreaked havoc in the community. Starting from sending digital invites, sharing APK and PDF files to prompting you to hit the View button. The rise of phishing in Indonesia has even become Kaspersky’s focal point. They said there were 4,931,367 phishing attempts in the country in 2022.

“Our experts found that cybercriminals have increasingly turned to phishing again during 2022. Latest data for Indonesia and Southeast Asia show that locally, phishing is the preferred infection technique from cybercriminals,” said Adrian Hia, Kaspersky’s managing director for Asia Pacific.

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