Beware of Fake Cell Phones, Secretly Records User Activity: Okezone Techno

BEIJING – Request mobile phone Cheap prices have been rising lately. This loophole has been exploited by hackers by making cheap but dangerous smartphones for their users.

Hackers in China are currently aggressively targeting budget smartphones priced at US$300, or around 4 million rupees. Where the smartphone has been modified in such a way as to criminalize.

This device is designed to be able to secretly record user activity even when the screen is turned off. Hackers hid a camera in the headphone jack.

Many unofficially assembled fake cell phones are offered online. And it is said that there were many victims, especially women.

Harvest GizmochinaOn Thursday (9/21/2023), Chinese police warned the public to be careful when purchasing this smartphone because it can violate privacy.

The police also appealed to women in Bamboo Curtain Country to always purchase smartphones from official sellers. This is solely for the purpose of maintaining your privacy and secure access.

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