BEM Unair discusses student aspirations, from tuition to financial assistance

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Ministry of Student Welfare and Welfare (Adkesma) Students Executive Committee (BEM) Airlangga University (Unair) organizes the joint work program of Advokesma. This activity was attended by all Adkesma ministries of all BEM faculties of Unair on Thursday 21 September 2023 at the BEM Unair secretariat.

This program represents BEM Unair’s commitment to improving academic quality and student well-being across all faculties. CEO Khalista Nur Aini said that the main purpose of this program is to create a synergistic and efficient space for students of each faculty. “Especially by supporting issues of concern in each faculty,” he said as quoted by the Unair website on Saturday 23 September 2023.

The issues raised in the Joint Advokesma program concern education. This issue addresses issues relating to curriculum, teaching quality and accessibility. The second, namely finance. This issue discusses the cost of education and the availability of financial aid and will take center stage to ensure that students can study seamlessly without undue financial burden.

The third is the issue of student affairs. This issue covers topics such as student activities, developing soft skills, and opportunities for active participation in student organizations. Then there is the logistical issue of environmental safety and order which includes issues relating to safety and order in the campus environment. And the last thing to discuss is the facilities and infrastructure related to the availability of support facilities and infrastructure for students.


Through this program, BEM Unair wants to convey the message that it cares about students’ well-being and learning experience. They are committed to working together with all parties, including Adkesma faculty, to create a more supportive, harmonious and productive environment for students.

The Advokesma joint program, Khalistas said, is a collaborative effort to achieve positive change in the world of higher education. “BEM Unair invites all students and the general public to participate in supporting this effort for a better educational future,” he said.

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