Be wary of theft of your personal data, these are the tips to apply on your mobile phone: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Mobile phones are devices that store a lot of personal data about users. This is why many cybercriminals target cellphones to steal users’ personal data.

There are many methods criminals can use to commit crimes. Starting with malware, phishing links, NFC hacking, etc. That is why you need to apply the following tips on your mobile phone.

1. Double security system

Considering how easy passwords are to crack, you can delete them periodically. Just in case, you can also equip it with a dual security system with additional authentication via fingerprint, face and password.

2. Erase the home address stored in the mobile phone

Cell phone users usually complete their personal data with personal data complete with home address. Therefore, delete the address to reduce the risk of unwanted things, such as fraud or using a fake address for mobile phone loans.

3. Provide a layer of security to social media applications

There are many data theft risks in social media applications. Unsurprisingly, numerous applications offer additional security features.

Always enable multi-layered security features for a number of social media that are often used on mobile phones, this prevents criminals from taking control of your social media accounts to carry out a variety of fraudulent acts.

4. Delete the resident’s ID picture

Saving a photo of your ID card on your phone can come in handy when you’re in an emergency situation. But those photos pose a serious personal safety risk.

Thieves won’t hesitate to use your ID if your phone is lost. It is not impossible, your personal data will be used for online loan cases that are very popular in Indonesia. (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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