Bapanas: ID DOOD is in charge of importing 20 thousand tons of garlic for CPP

The garlic import assignment by ID FOOD is a commercial assignment that benefits from an interest subsidy

Jakarta (MidLand) – National Food Agency (Bapanas) head Arief Prasetyo Adi said that PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (Persero) or ID FOOD has been contracted to import 20 thousand tons of garlic products for food reserve stocks of the government (CPP).

“Yesterday it was decided in the coordination meeting that the assigned BUMN was RNI (Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia/ID FOOD), first try 20 thousand tons (of garlic) for stock reserves,” Arief said during the halal bihalal with the media in Jakarta, Thursday.

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Arif said ID FOOD was in the business of importing garlic into China. The assignment was based on a limited coordination meeting (Rakortas) with Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto ahead of Eid 2024.

“(The assignment comes from the results of the) last coordination meeting before Lebaran, yesterday, 20 thousand tons of assignment was assigned to ID FOOD,” Arief said.

He explained that the procurement of garlic imports for government food reserves by ID FOOD will use a budget of IDR 28.7 trillion prepared by the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu).

“The budget of the Ministry of Finance already exists, IDR 28.7 trillion, which can be used to collaborate with Himbara with cheap funds, all that remains is to collaborate with the BUMN food together with the BUMN Himbara,” Arief explained.

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However, Arief did not say when imports of these products will begin. However, he said this needs to be encouraged so that imported garlic products can enter immediately.

“It must be done as soon as possible, because this is what we need to push for. Therefore, at the limited coordination meeting, the Ministry of Agriculture should have immediately implemented the RIPH (Recommendations for the Import of Horticultural Products). “Then the Ministry of Commerce must immediately grant an import permit (Import Approval Letter / SPI),” he said.

Arief further stated that ID FOOD’s garlic import assignment was a commercial assignment that received an interest subsidy.

“So there are two (government) mandates that are commercial in nature and one is PSO (Public Service Obligation). “Garlic is commercial, the subsidy will be in the government’s food reserves, the interest subsidy, then the normal interest subsidy it is now above 10%, but the government is providing an interest subsidy (4%),” Arief said.

Arief added that if the imported garlic later reaches Indonesia, it will be sold at a reasonable price and will be monitored by the government.

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