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Dozens of Russian hackers allegedly entered Mircosoft Teams clandestinely. They pretend to be technical support workers and have managed to get hold of user account names and passwords.

Quoted from Reuters, Friday (4/8/2023), hackers have specific goals. Around 40 global companies have become their target since late last May.

“To support their attacks, the perpetrators used small business-owned Microsoft 365 that they engineered into previous attacks to build up and launch their attacks,” Microsoft said in its blog.

From there the hacker will pretend to be a Microsoft Teams support worker. From there they send approval messages in the multi-factor authentication (MFA) process.

“If the target accepts the message request, the user receives a Microsoft Teams message from the attacker trying to get them to enter the code into the MFA application on their mobile device,” Microsoft said.

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For your information, Teams is a business communication platform that has over 280 million active users. This case also became an attempt by hackers to break into MFA, done to prevent hackers’ attempts to attack.

Mircosoft itself has been monitoring the hacker’s activity since last Wednesday. The hacker group in Microsoft Teams is known to be also known as the Russia-based operation Midnight Blizzard or APT29.

The global organizations they target include government agencies, NGOs, media companies, IT and manufacturers.

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