ATK Yogyakarta opens D3 in Magetan, towards the center of the Indonesian skin

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Academy of Skin Technology or ATK Yogyakarta pioneered the Diploma Three or D3 program in Leather Processing Industry in Magetan Regency, East Java to enhance human resource development.

ATK Yogyakarta Polytechnic Director Sugiyanto said the D3 program is a collaboration with the Magetan Regency Government to improve industrial human resources (HR) development in Magetan.

“We are pioneering cooperation with the Leather Processing Industry D3 program to increase human resource development for the leather processing industry in Magetan. Magetan will be more advanced,” Sugiyanto said during a visit to Magetan on Friday, September 1, 2023.

According to him, the Magetan location was chosen because so far it is known as a center for processing the leather industry that supplies leather and leather products to Java and its surroundings.

“In fact, Magetan will become a leather center in Indonesia, because Magetan’s leather processing is the best in Indonesia because it is government-facilitated. The leather tanning business is active, and the raw materials for almost all products in leather in Yogyakarta come from Maghetano,” he said.

Sugiyanto explained that the D3 program for the leather processing industry is a dual system-based industrial vocational training, one of the programs of the Ministry of Industry, which uses a learning method that prioritizes practice over learning of theory, i.e. 70% practice and 30% theory.

“The model of the lessons is 70% based on practice with industrial partners and collaboration with Magetan leather working associations. Some are also online and teachers come to Magetan,” he said.

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The Regent of Magetan appreciated it

Regent Magetan Suprawoto appreciated the educational cooperation. He hopes the cooperation program works well and focuses on campus development.

“The development of this university must be guided according to the needs of the community. The areas of expertise are focused and it is hoped that it can become the first embryo of skin engineering in Southeast Asia,” he said.

According to him the number of students is limited to about 20 students. Preference will be given to prospective students who have good academic ability and low economic status.

“It is hoped that through this collaboration, the leather processing industry in the future Magetano progress,” he said.

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