At a loss, Sega’s Hyenas game cancels release: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Saw canceled several game projects and one of those games was Hyenas. Even though the game had the largest budget ever invested by a company in a video game.

The cancellation of Hyenas was quite surprising because it was so close to the release date. This therefore raises many questions regarding the decisions made by Sega.

This cancellation was reportedly caused by financial problems in Sega’s operations in Europe. Starting September 28th, Sega immediately announced the cancellation of several games.

Reported by the site Gamer, Thursday (10/05/2023), a former developer interviewed by VGC said that Hyenas had “the company’s largest budget” ever allocated to a game. Speculation began to emerge about the reasons for the cancellation.

However, a YouTube channel called Volound recently posted a video explaining the reasons for the cancellation. The video features an anonymous developer explaining various issues surrounding the game’s development, including a lack of guidance from Sega.

A major factor that may have influenced Sega’s decision to cancel Hyenas was the lack of interest and feedback within the company. The company was worried that the game would not sell among the many FPS games already on the market.

On top of that, the cancellation was also compounded by a number of issues ranging from changes to the main character that affected the game’s atmosphere, issues with the project’s leadership, and the sudden shift from a paid game to an unfortunate free game.

There is no denying that this affected the developers responsible for the game. There is also the possibility that the company will face layoffs. (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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