Apple’s trick to get rid of Google Search on iPhone: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Apple apparently intends to get rid of Google Search from the iPhone. This was revealed recently in Google’s ongoing antitrust trial.

Reporting from TechspotOn Sunday (01/10/2023), Apple reportedly wanted to buy the Bing search engine from Microsoft after the company attempted to sell it.

Microsoft officials even tried to make a deal with former Apple Services vice president Eddie Cue to buy Bing from 2020.

If the deal had gone through, Apple would likely have canceled or refused to renew its long-standing contract to keep Google as the default search engine on its devices.

But for Microsoft the talks failed in the initial phase. The reason is that Bing is considered less attractive than Google, which controls 90% of the market share.

This strategy was ultimately undone, even though Apple could have used Bing to make more money. So far Apple still relies on Google as its primary search engine.

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FYI, Bing has had few fans since Microsoft launched it in 2009. Even though it ranks second on search sites, its popularity is still far behind that of Google.

As of August 2023, StatCounter lists Google as controlling 91.85% of the search engine market, while Bing has only 3.02%. On this basis, Apple’s interest in buying Bing may not come to fruition.

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