Apple releases USB-C port for iPhone

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Various leaks have reinforced this suspicion Apple will remove its Lightning port on the series iPhones 15 and replace it with USB-C. However, now there are rumors that Apple is planning something even more amazing.

Whenever a new generation of iPhone comes out, Apple usually continues to sell the non-Pro model of the older model. Normally nothing changes with those older models, but an Apple developer by the nickname @aaronp613 has stumbled upon something strange that may suggest otherwise in the near future.

“In the midst of digging into the tvOS 17 beta 5 code, Aaron found two new iPhone model references, which differ from the four references found in the previous beta update,” as quoted by Phone Arena, Aug. 15. The top four is thought to be for the four iPhone 15 models that Apple is expected to announce on September 12. So, the question is what are the other two variants?

The theory is that this elusive model is the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus but with a new USB-C port. If this is true, the most likely explanation is following EU regulations. That said, shouldn’t the iPhone 13 also switch ports? There is also the option of iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 (without Plus).


While this possibility has yet to be confirmed, the good news is that Apple’s iPhone 15 event is only a month away, so we shouldn’t wait too long to find out.

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