Apple may introduce AI transcription for voice memos and notes

Jakarta (MidLand) – Apple’s plans for artificial intelligence (AI) on iPhone could bring real-time transcription to the Voice Memos and Notes apps, according to a report from AppleInsider.

The new feature is expected to arrive with iOS 18 and will reportedly allow users to view running transcriptions of audio recordings in both apps.

While Notes does not currently allow users to record audio, a separate entry from AppleInsider suggests that Apple plans to add this functionality in iOS 18 as well.

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The audio transcription in both apps seems very useful especially for students or journalists, who can save time in transcribing long lectures or interviews.

This will also help anyone who simply wants to quickly view voice memos without having to listen to their own recordings.

As for Notes, Apple plans to go beyond transcription by adding AI-powered summaries. Businesses can add the option to generate text summaries of recorded audio.

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Audio transcription services like Otter offer similar features, but putting those features directly on your iPhone can help reduce your reliance on third-party apps.
During an earnings call earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized that the company’s AI features will have “an ongoing focus on privacy.”

Apple’s research paper suggests that the company will process simple AI requests directly on the iPhone, while sending more complex requests to third-party servers.

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Notes and Voice Memos aren’t the only apps rumored to get the AI ​​treatment in iOS 18.

Another report suggests that Apple plans to introduce more AI features to Siri, which could eventually analyze and summarize text in the Messages app. It may also add a new web page summary feature in Safari. This was broadcast by The Verge, Friday (10/5).

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