Apple launches the new Apple Pencil that makes you more creative, at more affordable prices: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Apple they just launched their new product designed to increase productivity. Apple pencil The latest and greatest has finally arrived at a more affordable price. This iPad accessory is priced at US$79 which is equivalent to IDR 1.2 million and comes with USB-C.

The latest Apple Pencil now also comes with a side magnet to attach it to the side of the iPad. Plus, the new Pencil offers minimal latency, tilt sensitivity, and perfect pixel precision. However, some features are not available for this pencil, due to its cheaper price compared to others.

The Apple Pencil is already known for its incredible precision and low latency. The new USB-C model also provides the same pixel-perfect accuracy as the previous iteration. Not only that, this latest accessory works with minimal latency, which can give the impression of using a real pencil on the iPad used.

In this regard, the new Apple Pencil with USB-C is fully functional with iPadOS features. This also applies to Quick Note and Scribble. Besides that, if you use the M2 iPad Pro model, users can also take advantage of the hover function. This feature allows users to create much more accurate sketches and illustrations.

The new Apple Pencil design includes a sliding cover over the USB-C port. While it doesn’t support wireless charging, it will enter sleep mode when magnetically connected to an iPad. This will maintain the battery life of this iPad accessory.

For the third-generation Apple Pencil using USB-C, charging and pairing capabilities have been improved compared to the previous generation. However, since the price is much cheaper than its predecessor, several features such as wireless connections, wireless charging and sensitivity support are removed in this generation.

Although some features need to be removed, this Apple Pencil can be more convenient for the general public. This accessory offers more value than its predecessor because it includes all the necessary features. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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