Apple invites researchers to find security weaknesses in iPhone devices

TIME.CO, JakartaApple invites security researchers to participate in the iPhone Security Research Device Program (SRDP). This is part of the program reward for insects Apple, where security researchers get paid if they find weaknesses in the iPhone’s security.

On its support page, Apple reveals this researcher can register for the iPhone SRDP 2024 and work with Apple’s security team to protect users and be eligible for an Apple Security Bounty.

The support page also states that over the past four years, SRDP researchers have identified 130 high-impact security holes. Security issues discovered on the Security Research Device are also eligible for the Apple Security Bounty.

“We are pleased to have rewarded more than 100 reports from our SRDP researchers, with some awards reaching $500,000 and an average award of nearly $18,000,” Apple noted.

What can security researchers do?

Researchers will receive an iPhone 14 Pro variant designed specifically for security research. It features tools and options that let you configure or disable many of iOS’s advanced security protections that aren’t possible on regular iPhone hardware.


Additionally, researchers can use the Security Research Device (SRD) for setup and execution boot custom kernel cache “All SRDP participants are encouraged to ask questions and exchange detailed feedback with Apple security engineers,” Apple said.

Apple selects a small number of security researchers to receive SRDs through an application process based primarily on security research results, including on platforms other than iPhone.

“We are also making SRD available to select faculty at the university level who want to use it as a tool to introduce computer science students to security research,” Apple said.

Applications are open until October 31, 2023. “We will review all applications at the end of the year and notify shortlisted participants in early 2024,” he added. Apple.

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