Apple and Google disable traffic maps in Israel and Gaza: Okezone techno

GAZA- In response to the escalating situation in the Israel-Gaza region, Google has temporarily disabled real-time traffic maps for Maps and Waze. This decision was taken as a precautionary measure to address the heated conflict situation in the region.

Blog Israel, GeekTimereported that Apple also disabled a similar feature in the Apple Maps application in response to the conflict.

Reporting from Dedicate onself, on Wednesday (10/25/2023), the two US tech giants acted quickly in responding to a request from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). This is to ensure that their platform no longer reveals sensitive real-time traffic data that could potentially compromise troop movements and pose security risks.

The decision was likely motivated by concerns about providing inadvertent support to the Hamas group.

This is not the first time Google has taken such action. In 2022, they also disabled real-time traffic data for Maps in Ukraine during the Russian invasion, as a commitment to user safety.

This decision seems to be a reminder that even tech giants like Google and Apple are aware of their role in maintaining global stability and ensuring the safety of users and the communities they serve.

Until this news was published, there was no further information on when Google and Apple’s traffic mapping service would resume operations in Israel and Gaza. (Dinda Nabilah Khumairoh Aljiyad)

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