Antler invites early-stage startups in Indonesia to get IDR 1.9 billion in funding

TIME.CO, JakartaHorna global early-stage venture capital firm, once again invites participants founder to boot The first phase in Indonesia is to register for the Antler residency program in October for the opportunity to obtain financing of $125,000 (1.9 billion rupees).

Agung Bezharie Hadinegoro, partner at Antler, said one of the interesting aspects of the Antler program is witnessing the transformation of the founders. For 10 weeks, they entered a dynamic environment together with 70 fellow founders, where they could network and brainstorm.

“As time goes by, founders can turn their initial ideas into real products and have the opportunity to pitch their work to get pre-seed funding and launch their startup,” said Agung, in his statement, on the 18th September 2023.

The residency program is designed for startup founders to demonstrate Antler’s “Day Zero” spirit. The Day Zero approach supports founders from the beginning of their journey by connecting potential founders and co-founders, offering pre-seed funding, providing training and opening access to a global network.

Interested founders can visit the Antler website to enter information about their startup or startup idea. After passing this stage, the founder will go through several interview stages with Antler.

Subsequently, the founders selected as participants in the program will take part in an intensive 10-week training, consisting of masterclasses, bootcamp, design sprint and roundtable. During the program, founders also have the opportunity to gain customer validation, develop a minimum viable product (MVP), the opportunity to find a co-founder, and access a global network of founders, mentors, and investors.

Antler’s Day Zero program proved successful from the start. In just a few years the program has attracted more than 6,000 applicants from various industry sectors. In total, Antler has also provided pre-seed investments for selected startups and founders worth $3.5 million (Rs 53 billion).


In this latest wave, Antler will continue to provide early-stage investments to Indonesian startups that already have significant teams, products and traction. Not only that, as a latest innovation, Antler will also explore the possibility for Indonesian startup participants to exchange information and insights with Antler program participants in other countries, such as Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

As the number of participants continues to increase, the acceptance rate for the Antler program is hovering around 5%, which shows how tight the founder selection process is. To be selected, Antler is looking for ambitious and intelligent founders with diverse characteristics that show high growth potential.

First, founders must have a deep passion, know their strengths, and continue to hone their skills in that area. Secondly, founders must also have grit, that is, the perseverance to give their all to achieve long-term goals. Third, founders can demonstrate great enthusiasm and the ability to motivate themselves and others, especially when facing challenges.

“In the selection process, we focus on the founder’s skills and motivation. Knowledge and experience are important, but it is determination and passion that will lead to long-term success,” Agung said. “We want to ensure that the founders of the Antler program are truly ready to build their own startup, both in terms of skills and mindset.

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