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JAKARTA – Easy way to log in It turns out that Indonesian VPN can be put into practice easily and simply. In order for this process to be done systematically, users need to follow several steps and methods as explained in this review.


As is known, is actually a Russian-made search engine platform similar to Google. Even though it is not as popular as its rivals, Yandex always occupies the top position in the minds of its followers.

However, access to Yandex cannot be done randomly. Because many of these platforms are now blocked because they are considered dangerous because they can access whatever the user wants.

Therefore, many people access it using Indonesian VPN.

Here, Okezone summarizes several sources, Monday (02/30/2023) regarding easy ways to access VPN Indonesia.

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An easy way to access Indonesia VPN

In fact, the way to apply VPN Indonesia is the same as using Yandex browser. Here is a guide on how to access it easily:

1. First, download the application first using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

2. Secondly, wait until the download process runs smoothly, systematically and successfully. Once done, you can continue with the installation process by pressing the “Install” menu.

3. Thirdly, if successful, open download and enter the application

4. Fourth, before using it, users need to go through the login process by creating a new account. For the process to run smoothly, follow the manufacturing procedure

5. Fifth, once connected, user can choose an available VPN server, such as VPN Indonesia

6. Sixth, if so, you can connect to via VPN by pressing the “Connect” menu.

7. Seventh, in this case users will be able to immediately use it to search for information that is difficult to find via the Google Chrome search engine.*

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