Alert! These are the 5 ways of fraud that often occur on WhatsApp: Okezone techno

WHATSAPP become a popular messaging application in Indonesia. No wonder there are many ways of cheating that happen often on WhatsApp.

There are numerous forms of fraud that often occur on WhatsApp, ranging from pretending to offer promotions to providing links that can hack into the victim’s personal data.

Here, Okezone Techo summarizes the five often-occurring ways of WhatsApp fraud.

1. Digital invite link

Beware of digital invite links sent via WhatApp. Also, the invitation was sent from an overseas number. Usually these links will direct users to install unknown applications outside the Play Store or App Store.

2. Courier mode

Also be aware of the fraud mode by the carrier. Victims of this mode usually already download ‘pictures’ which are said to be ‘package photos’. Well, this mode is all about stealing One-time passwords (OTP) sent via SMS that has a risk of breaking into mobile banking balances.

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3. Connect “View”

There are now also rampant fraudulent ways of sending “view links”. It turned out to be a new data theft or phishing trick. Later the scammers will install malware on the victim’s mobile phone. If you accept this method, do not hesitate to block the number immediately and do not click on the ‘view link’ sent by the scammer.


4. Green current account mode

There is also a green checkmark mode under the guise of an official bank or e-commerce account. Official accounts usually have a green checkmark to the right of their name and not just an emoji. In addition, official accounts do not ask for personal data from the user and communicate only one-way.

5. Promotional mode with suspicious links

WhatsApp fraud can also be disguised as promotions. Usually the victims will be lured by tempting promotions that actually lead them to phishing links that aim to steal personal information on mobiles.


To protect these five ways of fraud, it’s a good idea for WhatsApp users to always be careful when receiving messages from unknown numbers. If you experience the five ways mentioned, don’t forget that you are easy to attract and immediately block the number.

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