AIS and Huawei successfully complete commercial verification of 5G RedCap

TIME.CO, Jakarta – AIS, mobile telephone operator in ThailandAND Huawei has recently successfully completed commercial testing 5G The first RedCap in Thailand. This test was conducted on both commercial network frequency bands, 700 MHz and 2600 MHz, using RedCap’s diverse commercial terminals, including data transfer units (DTUs) and cameras.

RedCap is the latest technology created to maximize the potential of 5G networks in various scenarios. RedCap is here to help cellular operators like AIS build high-quality 5G networks through joint innovation with its strategic partners. Furthermore, Huawei will continue to collaborate to incubate more 5G applications and support the acceleration of industrial digital transformation in Thailand.

Wasit Wattanasap, head of the National Operations and Support business unit at AIS, explained that the company develops services to provide the highest quality with the latest innovations. Additionally, improving 5G technology is part of the company’s commitment to supporting the growth of the digital economy in the future.

“This is the main factor behind our collaboration with global partners such as Huawei, to upgrade Thailand’s 5G network into a world-class digital infrastructure, in line with the transformation vision towards Cognitive Tech-Co,” Wasit said in his statement, Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

Huawei said that during testing, the full capabilities of 5G RedCap, including peak downlink and uplink throughput, mobility performance, as well as the coexistence of RedCap and eMBB user equipment (UE), were successfully verified. As a result, both the 5G network and the RedCap AIS terminal met expectations, and this will be an important milestone in the commercialization of RedCap.

5G RedCap is the latest technology covered in 3GPP Release 17. This technology is designed for medium to high-speed IoT applications, such as industrial sensors, smart wearables, and video surveillance devices.


By simplifying the baseband, RF and antenna units, RedCap can reduce costs and power consumption to be lower than 5G eMBB. Compared with UE 4G CAT4, RedCap inherits the inherent features of 5G, such as high capacity and lower latency. Additionally, RedCap supports key features used in business, such as slicing and positioning.

In testing the AIS 2600 MHz and 700 MHz dual-band 5G network, AIS is also committed to developing technological and application innovation as well as increasing the efficiency of vertical industrial production.

According to Wasit, RedCap represents a major achievement in the evolution of 5G technology, reducing the cost of 5G modules by 70%, thus accelerating the application of 5G in the industrial sector.

“AIS will work with Huawei and industrial partners to explore applications of RedCap in industrial control, energy and electricity, smart cities, smart wearables and more,” he said.

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