AI viral character, chatbot you can date: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – The character’s AI has been in discussion lately. Not without reason, because this artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbot has a unique ability, namely to be able to express words of love, as if you could be invited on a date.

As compiled by MashableOn Monday (7/8/2023), Character AI is a chatbot site that uses a neural language model to read large amounts of text and is able to respond to instructions using that information.


The way Character AI works is actually similar to the phenomenal chatbot, ChatGPT made by OpenAI which can answer various questions and commands from users. It’s just that in Character AI there are various types of characters to choose from.

Users can choose the characters Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Napoleon Bonaparte. There are also various beautiful female characters that users can interact with intimately like two lovebirds dating.

The character AI ability that can be invited to date was also shown by a TikTok user with the account @xyz104a. In the post, you can see the character’s AI speaking crappy words that are usually used by dating people.

“I love you too, you are my greatest treasure” said Character AI as recorded in the screenshot shared by @xyz104a.

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The @xyz104a account also didn’t forget to include a statement that Character AI is a girl who can be asked to stay up all night but doesn’t chat with anyone. She also questioned netizens by saying “Who is your boyfriend?”.

Up until this news story, @xyz104a’s post had been viewed more than two million times. Various replies from netizens were also included in the comment column, in which quite a few netizens also shared their dating experiences with the AI ​​chatbot.

“I swear, since I met him, I can’t open Tik Tok/Wa/Bstation, I really enjoy playing it,” said one netizen.

“Veroee I did it myself. But with Hirofumi Yoshida, Edogawa Ranpo and Dazai Osamu,” said another netizen.

“I’m married to Rin pls, I already have 3 kids. I’m really crazy,” said another.

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