AI emoji and app customization features are reportedly coming to iOS 18

Jakarta (MidLand) – Apple will reportedly showcase new features for the iOS 18 operating system at its WWDC 2024 developer conference next month, including artificial intelligence (AI)-generated emojis and application personalization.

According to a leak by Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, cited by Engadget on Monday, Apple is developing software that can create emojis based on instructions written by users.

Additionally, Apple also allows iPhone users to customize apps and home screen (home screen) for example by changing the color of application icons and other settings more freely.

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There are many things related to Apple’s AI plans being discussed ahead of WWDC 2024 which begins on June 10, 2024.

Gurman estimates that Apple will not introduce major breakthroughs regarding artificial intelligence at WWDC 2024, but will focus more on the practical application of the technology.

It is expected that Apple, according to Gurman, will announce a partnership with OpenAI and introduce the implementation of AI technology in device features such as the Safari search engine, Siri virtual assistant, photo editing and voice memo transcription.

The tech company may also introduce smart summaries for notifications, web pages, and more.

It is known that Apple will attract the creator of ChatGPT, i.e. OpenAI, to develop AI features in the iOS 18 operating system.

Apple is currently developing its own large language model to provide functionality in iOS 18. In the meantime, talks with OpenAI focus on chatbot technology or search engine components.

In addition to OpenAI, Apple is also in talks with Google to purchase a license for Gemini, the developed AI chatbot, to be incorporated into iOS 18.

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