Ahead of the 78th Indonesian Independence Day, Undawn organizes two exciting competitions to celebrate the 17th: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Saluting the 17th Indonesian Independence Day, The Indonesian dawn will hold two special events namely Merdeka on Undawn and Internal Camp Clash. These two events will invite players to gather in Undawn and take home various exciting prizes ranging from in-game items to gaming equipment.

The Merdeka event in Undawn takes place from 11 August 2023 to 20 August 2023. This event invites Ravens (as players of Undawn) to show their creativity in celebrating Indonesia’s 78th anniversary in Undawn.

Next players will be challenged to create creative content about cohesion and enthusiasm with their camp in celebrating independence.

All participating camps will receive various attractive rewards from Undawn starting with 50,000 Silver, 50 Lv 1 Accessory Blueprints, 50 Silicon Carbide Particles, and up to 50 Armored Plate Supply Crates.

Players can explore various content in this competition, starting from flag ceremonies or marches, musical instrument and vehicle parades, races, and more.

Through the Internal Camp Clash event, Undawn invites players to get creative in creating a themed competition on August 17 in Undawn. Each camp can submit their creative ideas for an independence contest to Undawn via social media.

They are free to be creative by taking advantage of the flexibility and various features available in Undawn to come up with the most creative contest ideas possible with their respective fields. Eight camps with the most interesting ideas will be selected as winners of the Internal Camp Clash.

As the winning camp, they will organize the competition with the camp members to win attractive prizes in playground equipment which is a collaboration between Garena Undawn and Rexus Indonesia. Meanwhile, prizes to be awarded include gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, and gaming mice.

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