After failing 6 times in the selection process for university admission, Maria managed to graduate with honors from ITS

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Maria Ulfa Yanuar’s journey to win the title of best graduate in degree application at the 128th graduation ceremony of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (HIS) it’s not easy. Graduates of the Department Statistics The company traveled a winding road, finally graduating with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.86.

Even before becoming an ITS student, the Sidoarjo girl experienced rejection several times from different universities. You have not been accepted as a student six times.

“I prayed that my failure would be rewarded with success and this was granted to me,” Maria said, according to the official ITS website.

Maria eventually landed at ITS and started studying. She also showed great enthusiasm for learning right from the start.

Maria has the habit of solving the questions asked by the teacher before each lesson. Thanks to this habit, SMAN 1 student Krian managed to achieve a perfect semester performance index (IPS) of 4.00 in the second and third semesters.

As a student in the Department of Business Statistics, Maria loves the world of data. She has also achieved results in the field in which she is involved. Starting from the second place in the statistics competition at Jakarta State University, she up to the finalist in the Ria Statistics and Data Science Festival 2021. This series of results led Maria to also become a finalist in the ITS Outstanding Student 2023 in the Applied Bachelor field .

Maria is also looking for various internship opportunities, with the intention of developing her skills. You took part in a virtual internship big data analysis at PT Kimia Farma and interned as commercial and business development at PT Petikemas Surabaya Terminal.


The PT Erlangga Editorial Scholarship recipient also received an internship opportunity at the largest container terminal company in Indonesia, PT Pelindo Terminal Petikemas. Maria plays a role in risk management. During four months of study at PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya, she acquired the skills to work at the head office.

In her long journey to discover her own potential, according to Maria, relationships and the people around her play an important role. Beyond that, being active in campus organizations has opened up new opportunities for him.

During her studies Maria was also active in various ITS organisations. Starting from the Reasoning Student Activity Unit (UKM), the Statistics Diploma Student Association (HIMADATA), science trainers to the Student Executive Committee (BEM). “This organization trains skills public speech and open up new opportunities,” he said.

After graduating from ITS with honors, Maria wants to build a career in data analytics, particularly in the logistics sector. She is optimistic about pursuing a career in a field that suits her potential and interests.

Maria advises her children to make the most of every opportunity.
“There are so many things you can explore, so take advantage of it before you graduate,” she said.

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