Affected by inter-village conflict in Mataram, students will receive trauma healing

TIME.CO, Jakarta The inter-village conflict in Monjok and Karang Taliwang villages, Cakranegara District, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara, which occurred in early October, has impacted educational activities in the surrounding area. It’s not just the learning activities in school that students are worried about experiencing trauma.

Mataram City Education Bureau head Yusuf said his party would carry out activities healing of trauma or trauma recovery for students in conflict areas. “Activities tomorrow morning (Friday 10/20). healing of trauma We focus on SMPN 4 Mataram. “God willing, the mayor of Mataram will be there to provide guidance to the students around him,” he said on Thursday, October 19, 2023.

According to Yusuf, the activities healing of trauma It is given to restore children’s psychological disorders following conflict. Also, to be safe, they had to study at home for several days.

The Department recorded approx There are 1,900 students, including elementary and middle school students, who have had to study online since at least 7 October. They only resumed face-to-face learning on Monday 16 October after security was ensured by the Mataram police chief.

“For this reason, in order to eliminate children’s traumas from conflict, we carry out activities trauma healing, “followed by representatives of elementary school students and all middle school students in the area,” Yusuf said.

In this activity, in addition to the declarations of the students representing the five environments, various games will be played. Through games, Hopefully it can restore children’s joy, and children from the two conflict areas can mix and realize that all students are brothers.


“This way children can forget about the conflict that occurred in their area,” Yusuf said.

Yusuf also appealed to the people of the two conflicting villages to remain calm so that their children can study comfortably. “We don’t sacrifice children for our interests as parents. But we think about the interests and future of children and we don’t want them to become victims of this problem,” he said.

The conflict between the villages is said to have been going on for several months. The cause is believed to be a case of personal abuse that escalated into an inter-village brawl.

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