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SERVICE Drone letter mailing is already available in the Orkney region of the UK. The service presented by Royal Mail and drone company Skyports is the country’s first drone mail delivery service.

Launched by the BBC, Wednesday (2/8/2023), this service allows people to send letters or parcels between islands. In collaboration with the council’s Port Authority and Loganair, mail will be transported from Royal Mail’s Kirkwall post office in Stromness.

From there, drones will take the goods to Graemsay and Hoy, where postal staff will complete delivery routes. The service is currently in a three-month pilot phase and will continue on a permanent basis if it is found to be effective.

The drone service is expected to significantly improve service levels and delivery times at Graemsay and Hoy. Please note that weather and geography can cause disruptions to delivery services.

The use of electric drones for inter-island deliveries will also bring significant safety improvements, ensuring that postal workers can make deliveries between ports without risk.

Skyports will operate inter-island flights with Speedbird Aero DLV-2 aircraft. This multirotor drone is said to be able to carry payloads of up to 6kg without any issues.

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Chris Paxton, drone testing manager at Royal Mail, said: “We are proud to partner with Skyports. He hopes this service can reduce their operational emissions.

“We are proud to work with Skyports to deliver by drone to some of the most remote communities we serve in the UK.”

“The use of all-electric drones supports Royal Mail’s ongoing efforts to reduce emissions associated with our operations whilst connecting the island communities we deliver to,” he added.

Alex Brown, director of Skyports Drone Services, said leveraging drone technology would revolutionize mail services, provide more efficient and timely deliveries and help reduce the need for emitting vehicles.

Meanwhile, he said this project was funded by the Department of Transport’s Transport Innovation Fund and implemented by the Connected Places Catapult.

“We are delighted to be partnering once again with Royal Mail to demonstrate how drone operations can benefit UK logistics in this project,” concluded Brown.

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