8 Video Editing Apps on Mobile or PC Without Watermark

TIME.CO, JakartaVideo editing application In the world of content creators, there will never be an end. Editing video It has become routine for young people to express and share their activities on social media. Whether it’s titled video content a day in my lifemukbang and visit various interesting tourist attractions.

In other words, a watermark-free video editing application is a solution to produce great videos. Software It can be used via mobile or PC with various eye-catching icons and super viral templates, ranging from free to paid ones. For this reason we discover the following 8 video editing applications on mobile or PC without watermark.

1. Filmora

If you want to edit good videos on PC without watermark, you can use Filmora. An application that can be said to be pocket-sized. Because there are free and paid services that cost from IDR 200,000 to IDR 400,000.

The editing process can be said to be fast and the size is light, so it doesn’t take up much PC memory. Filmora could be an option because they have various effects and comprehensive tools. It is said that many people are interested in this app to create interesting video content.

2. Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft has its own built-in watermark-free video editing application. How to use it is quite simple and suitable for beginners. The editing process can also be done via mobile phone and PC. Windows Movie Maker is a lot easy to useIt has a variety of animations, can import edited camera clips and set the desired video quality.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

The world of cinema and transmission You should have often heard about the Adobe Premiere Pro application. This application, suitable for both beginners and professionals, has several advantages such as menus and tools.

Even though it is a free video editing application. The choice of effects and filters is not inferior to that of paid applications. Interestingly, this app can support video editing green screen.

4. VSDC Free Video Editor

Experienced creators should be familiar with the VSDC Free Video Editor application. This watermark-free video editing application has a simple look with various video qualities to choose from, from HD to 4K.

Besides that, this application can have video formats like AVI and MOV and supports long playtime. There are free and paid options, with a price range of IDR 300,000. With this price the editing process can be simplified, the live preview is clear and the tools are grouped according to your taste.

5. Recovery


If you’re looking for a watermark-free video editing app for Android and iOS, try Shotcut. This software offers the advantage of being able to edit the quality up to 4K.

Using Shotcuts is quite simple and you don’t need to import files. Beyond simple editing, this application can quickly edit large videos.

6. Lighting work

Popular since 25 years ago, this video creation application is called Lightworks. Now available on Mac, Linux and Windows with the advantage of being able to export videos. You can edit visual material in up to 720p resolution suitable for uploading to YouTube. This program also supports multicam, right down to precise video cropping.

7. Blender

Known as a 3D animated video creation application, it turns out that Blender can edit logo-free videos for free. This program has 190MB memory with various benefits and advanced features. Such as audio mixing, live preview, scrubbing, sync, waveform display, up to 32 mask slots. Applications suitable for use as needed, such as adding images, videos, scenes, audio and effects.

8. Kdenlive

The next video editing application you can try is Kdenlive. With a fairly small size i.e. 85MB, it has good and capable performance. This program has interesting features such as multi-track timeline, keyframe effects, automatic file backup during the editing process and supports various video formats.


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