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JAKARTA – Instagram it is still one of the platforms that prioritizes attractive graphics. Indeed, many celebrities have interesting feeds thanks to their aesthetic photos.

Doing this is actually not too difficult. The reason is that there are many photo editing applications that can help you edit photos to make them brighter, more attractive, and to remove objects that you think are unnecessary.

So which photo editing apps are suitable for Instagram feeds? The following is a summary of Okezone Techno

1. Adobe Lightroom

This application is the best and easy to use Instagram photo editing application. There are tons of tutorials you can try on Youtube even if you only access the free version. Besides that, there are also effects that are swapped and you can instantly choose the one you like best.


VSCO is one of the best photo editing apps for Instagram. There are many challenging editing settings that you can learn and experiment with on your own. Of course, without a subscription, you will still be able to enjoy all the features, with the exception of the paid effects.

3. Snap seed

This application from Google allows you to open JPEG and RAW files to design them efficiently. You can also use the fix tool to remove objects in the photo.

4. Air brush

Do you love selfies? Well, AirBrush is an application that can clean up your photos with just one tap. This application can easily mask wrinkles, making your smile even prettier.

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5. Photo lab

Photo Lab has more than 800 photo effects that you can choose from. Also, there are 50 presets that you can rearrange to your taste. Besides that, there is also a face photo montage that lets you choose funny effects.

6. PicsArt

PicsArt has an attractive look and is easy to use. There are many tools you can try. But for the paid version, this application has a number of other advantages, one of which is ad-free and selectable presets.

7. Canvas

Who doesn’t know the Canva app? This application will allow you to freely add elements, fonts, animations, stickers and filters. Canva itself is also suitable for use for Instagram Stories photos/videos.

8. Use Instagram

Today even Instagram does not want to be left behind other photo editing applications. They also provide editing features. Although there are not so many editing applications, all of them are enough to edit photos quickly and easily.

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