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JAKARTA – Eight tips Google this can improve battery life on Android phones. For those of you who often complain about battery draining quickly, you can do this to keep your digital activities productive.

As one of the most important items in the digital age, running out of battery before completing various tasks is a very important problem. Therefore Google, which developed the Android operating system, provides a set of guidelines to increase battery life for Android users.

Tips for increasing battery life

1. Turn off the screen when you are not using it

When the cell phone screen is turned off, it consumes less energy. Therefore, you can reduce the screen timeout setting to the shortest value.

You also don’t have to wait for your phone to automatically turn off after a few seconds or minutes. You can turn off your cell phone immediately when you don’t use it. This method is very effective in saving the battery life of your cell phone.

2. Reduce the screen brightness

The brighter the screen, the more power it consumes. Screen brightness must be balanced between visibility and battery saving. Google says lowering screen brightness will extend the battery life of Android devices.

3. Set the brightness to change automatically

Google recommends that Android users enable a feature that can automatically adjust screen brightness based on ambient lighting conditions. However, this method is less effective and you can manually set it to a lower level for better results.

4. Turn off the keyboard sound or vibration

By turning off keyboard sounds and vibrations, you can save battery power. The sound and vibration each time you type activates the device’s haptic feedback mechanism, which requires energy to operate. By disabling it, you can save your phone’s battery for longer.

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5. Manage battery-draining apps

Google says Android 12 has a feature that can adjust battery mode for individual apps. By selecting power optimization mode, you can stop some applications from running in the background, thus reducing CPU usage and saving energy.

6. Enable the adaptive battery feature

Android’s Adaptive Battery feature can intelligently optimize the amount of power your phone uses, based on your usage habits. When you rarely use an app, this feature evaluates your app usage and disables background activity for that app. This allows your device to work more effectively and maintain a longer battery life

7. Delete unused accounts

Google recommends deleting unused accounts linked to Android devices. Just like email synced with social media or other services. These accounts can drain your battery quickly.

Then you can delete it by going to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > select the account you want to delete > Delete Account. This will save your phone’s battery life.

8. Use dark mode

The last tip that Google provides is to enable dark mode on your Android device. Dark mode changes the user interface by replacing the usually bright and colorful design with darker colors.

This darker display requires less power, so it can help improve your phone’s battery life.

You can put into practice the eight tips provided by Google to increase the battery life of your phone, so that it can stay active all day. These tips won’t keep you busy looking for chargers and complaining that your battery keeps dying. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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