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GAME Android offline can be a buster or just to fill free time. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of high-spec online gaming, there are indeed still offline games that run quite lightly on your Android mobile device.

Besides being light to play, offline games are also easier to play because they don’t require an internet network. Here are eight of the best offline android games suitable to be played to fill your spare time.

1. The Candy Crush saga

Who doesn’t know the Candy Crush Saga game? Even though it is classified as an older game, Android Police claims that the game still has more active players and has been downloaded by more than a billion people across all regions.

Offering puzzles, Candy Crush Saga has simple graphics and gameplay. Although it’s easy to play at first, the higher the level, the more difficult the puzzle will be.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft can be played both online and offline. This simulation game allows players to build anything as creative as they want without any restrictions, from houses, castles, to anything else. Even though the items in the offline version are quite limited, this game is still comfortable to play to fill your spare time.

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3. Plant vs. Zombie

Just like Candy Crush, Plants vs Zombies is an old game that is still popular. With simple animations, players just need to place a number of plants to become a stronghold from zombie attacks.

4. Sudoku – Classic Sudoku

If you want to play while sharpening your brain, then Sudoku – Classic Sudoku Puzzle is the right choice. The classic game is also quite simple. Players just need to enter numbers 1-9 without having the same number between rows or columns.

5. The subway suffers

In Subway Suffer players just have to run to avoid the police. The farther players run, the more challenges and bonuses they can get.

Inspired by classic Snake game, can be played offline for single player version. You just have to avoid other snakes, while eating items that can increase the size of the snake to make it longer.

7. Asphalt 8

The Asphalt racing game series is one of the most popular games on mobile devices. Players can level up their cars both offline and online. Later the game points can be used to buy or modify your car.

8. Defense from Metal Slug

Metal Slug Defense can be played both online and offline. The good news is that this exhilarating adventure game still features the same gameplay as the old version in the arcade console and PS1.

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