8 accurate Indonesian-English translation sites plus Google Translate

TIME.CO, Jakarta – With the development of technology, currently translating languages ​​has become easier due to the presence of various translation sites or online translation sites. In fact, many full-featured translation sites can be accessed for free.

One of the most popular translation sites is Google Translate. This platform, created by the Internet products and services company Google, can translate more than 109 languages ​​​​in the world. Apart from this, there are also many other translation sites that can be an alternative for translating a language.

So, what is the list of language translation sites that are free to use? See the full summary of information below.

1. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator allows its users to translate languages ​​in the form of text, images and voice. In fact, users can also download the translation results in document form. Not only that, Microsoft Translator is also available as a website and downloadable application via the Play Store.

2. DeepL translator

Currently DeepL Translator can translate more than 26 languages ​​in the world, including English and Indonesian. This site can also detect text in PDF, DOC, and PPT file formats. This translator site also has a feature to guide users to know the pronunciation of the word or phrase to be translated. In the application version of DeepL Translator, users can enjoy various additional features, such as fast translation and translation results that can be saved.

3. Bing Translator

This translation site is quite popular and has around 70 languages ​​in the world that can be translated. This site belongs to Google’s competitor search engine, namely Bing. Even so, Bing Translator can be accessed on any search engine, starting from Bing, Google, Safari, and so on.

4. iTranslate

itranslate is a language translation tool from the Sonico Mobile company. This site provides more than 100 languages ​​that can be translated on the site. Just like other translation tools, iTranslate can also be accessed through various devices, such as Windows, iOS, Mac, Google Play, and Kindle Fire.



The next list of language translation sites is This site supports language translation capabilities via text, images, and audio. The peculiarity is that the translation results can be organized into formal or informal grammar depending on the user’s needs.

6. Yandex Translator

Yandex Translate is a web service for translating texts or web pages into other languages ​​developed by the technology company Yandex. This translation tool can detect languages ​​in documents in DOC, DOCX, PDF, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX and other formats. Besides that, Yandex Translate can also translate languages ​​into images in PNG, JPG and GIF format.

7. Translate dict

In addition to using the language entered in the search field, the Translate Dict translation tool can also translate languages ​​with voice translator and text-to-speech features. You can access this site directly via the link

8. Bab.The Translator

The next list of language translator sites is Bab.La Translator. This site has 44 languages ​​that can be translated, including Indonesian and English. Bab.The Translator also has a function to translate languages ​​through the entered voice. Besides that, there is also an on-screen keyboard function and a function to find out the pronunciation of the word or phrase to be translated.


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