78 Indonesian students have received Erasmus scholarships to study in Europe

TIME.CO, Jakarta – A total of 78 Indonesian students won Scholarship from the European Union to continue their studies in Europe through the programme Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMJM). This number places Indonesia among the 12 countries with the largest number of EMJM scholarship recipients in the world.

The EMJM program offers scholarship recipients the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies at at least two higher education institutions located in at least two EU member countries. Europe.

European Union Ambassador to Indonesia Vincent Piket expressed his pride in welcoming talented students from Indonesia to Europe. He believes that grant recipients will benefit from a quality education and research ecosystem across Europe.

“Erasmus scholarship recipients are important pillars in the cooperation between the European and Indonesian communities,” said Vincent.

According to Vincent, the fellows will also strengthen the relationship between Europe and Indonesia as they continue to work together in various sectors. “Higher education and research have always been at the heart of our partnership with Indonesia,” he said.

This year’s EMJM Scholarship recipients take part in very diverse programs of study, ranging from sustainable technology, human rights, public health to the creative economy. “We are confident that the recipients of this scholarship will contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable world in their respective fields of expertise,” said Vincent.

plt. Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology of Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) Nizam underlined the privilege of EMJM program which gives students the opportunity to study in at least two higher education institutions in Europe. “Therefore, they will get a much greater impact from the diversity experience and the network that is built, compared to other fellowships,” he said.

The students’ pre-departure event was held on Saturday 5 August with an online talk show about the Erasmus scholarship programme. The talk show’s public session discussed the benefits of the scholarship, the steps to register, as well as the experiences of the scholarship alumni.

The event was co-organised with the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) Indonesia, an organization which aims to facilitate the expansion of the alumni network and promote the benefits of Erasmus scholarships to the wider community.

EMA Indonesia representative Dwi Fitriah Arrisandi hopes that with this pre-departure event, scholarship recipients will gain valuable insights shared by alumni and help them be better prepared to take advantage of opportunities during their Erasmus trip. “We hope that all recipients of Erasmus scholarships in 2023 will be able to experience new adventures and open up unlimited horizons,” she said.


M. Qoimam B. Zulfikar, Erasmus scholarship holder, explained the reasons for choosing Europe to continue his studies. He revealed that he was going to study in Belgium in the first year and in France in the second.

Zulfikar recalled Europe as an inclusive and supportive place of study. During an exchange program in 2017, he experienced the inclusiveness and quality of European healthcare. Having used a wheelchair after having an accident, he has visited several health institutions for educational purposes.

“This experience strengthened my dream to delve into the field of public health and health equity in European countries,” said Zulfikar.

Another fellow, Vania Katherine Mulia, will participate in the latest program called Intelligent Field Robotics System (IFRoS). You admit that you have always been interested in studying in Europe due to the diversity of cultures and different values ​​from what he experienced growing up.

Another reason is that Europe was the first continent to experience an industrial revolution. “So, because I have an interest in STEM, I want to experience technological developments in Europe firsthand,” Vania said.

EMJM is an integrated, cross-border postgraduate study program for students from EU partner countries. The next call for applications for the EMJM Scholarship Program will be launched around October 2023. Applicants can choose from a list of over 190 available programmes.

From 2004 to 2022, more than 2,300 Indonesian students and teachers received Erasmus scholarships. Approximately 1,200 scholarships are provided to Indonesian students each year, through the flagship Erasmus program and from various scholarship programs offered by European Union member countries.

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