7 UI science fields win first position in Indonesia according to THE WUR 2024 by subject

TIME.CO, Jakarta – A total of ten scientific fields at the University of Indonesia (user interface) occupies the first position in Indonesia according to the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings (WUR) 2024 by subject. Of these, seven are ranked first in Indonesia. UI Chancellor Ari Kuncoro said that the hard work of all UI academics has been able to increase UI’s scientific ranking globally.

“This is something to be proud of because 10 science fields of the UI are included in the 11 science fields evaluated by THE WUR 2024 by Subject,” said Ari Kuncoro quoted by Antara on Sunday, October 29, 2023.

Meanwhile, Head of UI Evaluation Transformation, Risk Management and Monitoring Office Vishnu Juwono said that this achievement shows that the quality of UI curricula is relatively uniform, as shown in THE WUR 2024 results by subject.

“Of course, this further validates the world-class performance of the UI curriculum, such as achieving the QS Subject Ranking 2023 where 13 Narrow subjects occupied the No. 1 position in Indonesia,” he said.

This number is up compared to last year. In 2023, there will be only three UI science fields occupying position 1 in Indonesia. The seven UI science fields that ranked first in Indonesia according to THE WUR 2024 by subject are arts and humanities, business and economics, clinical and health, engineering, law, life sciences and psychology. Meanwhile, UI ranks 2nd in the fields of computer science and social sciences and 3rd in physical sciences.

Globally, legal science is ranked 201–250, while psychology is ranked 301–400. The Business and Economics and Arts and Humanities sectors occupy positions 401–500; Clinical, health and social sciences are ranked 501-600; Engineering, life sciences and computing ranked 601-800; and physical sciences are ranked 801-1000.


Compared to before, the position of IU has increased in various fields of science. In the field of Economics and Commerce we go from 501-600 to 401-500; in Clinical and Healthcare it went from 601-800 to 501-600; in the field of Life Sciences it goes from 801-1000 to 601-800; and for the physical sciences field, the UI rank also increased from 1001+ to 801-1000.

Of all fields of science, UI is the only university in Indonesia included in THE WUR 2024 for the subjects of Arts and Humanities, Law and Psychology.

Thanks to this achievement, the ranking of the UI in THE WUR 2024 by subject is determined based on an evaluation of five main indicators, namely Teaching (29.50%), Research Environment (29%), Research Quality (30%), International Perspectives (7.50%) and Industry (4%).

These five indicators are applied to eleven scientific fields evaluated in the ranking. Of the ten science fields included in THE WUR 2024 by Subject, IU is superior in Business with an overall score of 34.2–37.3; Reads with a score of 34.0–38.7; and Psychology with a score of 36.3–41.4.

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