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JAKARTA– There are at least 7 of them search engine plus Yandex without blocking what the public needs to know.

Because there are so many search engines for all the information and data Yandex and Google. Even though it seems very strange, it is guaranteed that some of the recommendations that will be discussed have good data security and are not blocked.

It is very different from Google, which very often blocks some sites for security reasons so that users cannot access them.

Here, Okezone summarizes from several sources, Monday (08/21/2023), a more detailed discussion on various search engines other than Google and Yandex without blocking that are definitely worth a try.

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1. DuckDuckGo

A search engine other than Yandex that you can access is DuckDuckGO. This Donald Duck character image site is one of the best recommendations for many people.

Especially for finding the deepest information that other search engines cannot access. However, this site is also known to be very secure because it can keep the privacy data of the users.

2. Home page

The second search engine besides Yandex is Startpage. This site is highly recommended because it also has a very good and strict data privacy policy. Therefore users do not have to worry about accessing this search engine.

3. Look for Encrypt

An unblocked search engine besides Yandex is Search Encrypt. This site is very secure because it uses a local encryption method as security for its users’ searches. So even though it’s still rarely known by many people, Search Encrypt is safe to use.


The fourth most used search engine besides Yandex is Baidu. This application is very famous, especially among Chinese people. Surely they use this application a lot to access the services of the blocked site.

5. I want

The fifth search engine that can access blocking sites besides Yandex is Qwant. This web search is a recommendation because it can protect your privacy by not tracking users and advertisements. Therefore it is natural that many people want to access it and make the Qwant site their favorite site.

6. MetaGer

A site called MetaGer is also a good recommended site to go to. Why? This is because this search engine has its own web crawler and indexer. Not only that, this site does not monitor where users access it in real time. Because nowadays more and more people are aware of the risks that can occur if their presence is detected.

7. Wolfram Alpha

The recommended search engine besides Yandex uncensored is Wolfram Alpha. The advantage of this site is that it can access several sites blocked on other sites. This way users can search for unlimited information via the Wolfram Alpha search engine.*

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