7 recommended applications to read free online comics for 2023, they won’t make holes in your pockets: Okezone techno

LINE application berry comic You can try it free 2023 online to save your pocket. The reason is that many applications offer free viewing without having to pay.

Here are 7 free comic reading apps for 2023, featured by Geeksgyaan:

1. Read the comic online

First on the list is, one of the best free sources of digital comics.

Other than that, the website is fun to look at and you can even find almost any comic you want to read. So, in our opinion, you should try it once.

2. View comic

Next on the list is “”, which is another very popular online comic resource.

For lovers of comics related to Marvel, Image, DC, Vertigo or other major publishers, you can visit this application.

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3. Get comical

Third on the list is “”. This is a great place to read Marvel and DC comics online.

And speaking of demographics, this website has a very strong audience base.

3. Comixology

This app has a huge library of digital comics ranging from heroes, action and horror. Additionally, the site offers hundreds of free comics to read online. It also offers classic comics, and the site is Amazon’s cloud-based digital comic distribution, making it a trusted place to get quality comics.

4. CiaoComics

When you have a knack for discovering something new every day, look no further than CIAYO Comics. It has a lot to offer from interesting stories to comics of various genres and that too for free.

5. Mangaplus

Manga plus by SHUEISHA is the official manga reader of Shueisha Inc. and available worldwide. They publish some of the best comics like Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach and many more. Readers can enjoy reading free comics available every day.

6. Webtoons

It is the largest web comic community in the world. Here readers can find everything from heroic stories, daily comics, romance, comedy, action, fantasy and horror. This app also provides a feature to share your manga.

7. Darkhores Comics

Find your favorite comics anytime, anywhere in Darkhorse Comics. It provides interesting stories from Hellboy, The Umbrella Academy, Black Hammer, Critical Role, Resident Alien, Mass Effect, etc.

Digital comics have become a routine consumption for today’s youth. Read access is also easier to obtain. For book fanatics, visiting the local bookstore is fun, but expensive.

So by using this app readers can save money and also enjoy free reading in this app.


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