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JAKARTA – Here are seven Excel formulas that administrators need to master. This formula must be mastered and is basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is one of the important software in today’s life. The reason is that Excel is a useful software for analyzing and documenting data that is usually used by administrators.

So, what are the formulas an administrator needs to master? Here is the review


The AVERAGE Excel formula is an easy way to eliminate the need to do calculations yourself. So if you want to find the average of two or more cells, just use “=AVERAGE(X1,X2)” or if you want to find the average over a range, use “=AVERAGE(X1:X22)”.


For example, if you have a column of cells that list the sales of each unit and you want to know the total of all sales, you can use the SUM function. Select the cell at the bottom of the column where you want to write the total. Then use “=SUM(X1:X22)”, where X1 is the first cell in the range and X22 is the last.


SUMIF has a function to add numbers from certain cells, but with the addition of specific criteria. In the SUMIF formula application example below, “Surabaya” is an example of the location criteria.

SUMIF formula


Implementation of SUMIF



This formula is used to calculate cells with numeric data. This formula ignores cells that contain anything other than numbers and is useful for tracking numeric data for a variety of reasons. For example, if you want to know the final number of orders listed on your Excel sheet, you can use the COUNT formula, without having to calculate each cell yourself.

The formula is “=COUNT(X1:X22)”

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VLOOKUP is very useful if you need to search for data in a collection or table. For example, if you need to search for an employee’s name only by the employee ID number, VLOOKUP will save you a lot of time manually scanning tables.

The formula is


Implementation of VLOOKUP



HLOOKUP is similar to VLOOKUP, which is searching or presenting data. If VLOOKUP is for vertical data, HLOOKUP is for horizontal data.

HLOOKUP formula


Implementation of HLOOKUP



=CONCATENATE(cell1, cell2,…)” is used to combine text from multiple cells into a single cell. For example, if you have a customer list with two columns of text showing first and last name and you want to combine them , the CONCATENATE function will create more easily.

So, if “Doe” is in cell B2 and “John” is in C2 and you want to combine them into one cell, you would write “= CONCATENATE(B2, C2). (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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