7 Examples of independence speeches on August 17, short and interesting

TIME.CO, JakartaEvery August 17, Indonesians hold a ceremony to mark the moment independence Republic of Indonesia. One of the topics raised in the August 17 speech at the ceremony concerned independence. Independence speeches on August 17 usually contain inspirational messages to awaken the patriotism of the Indonesian people.

For those of you preparing an independence speech, here are some examples of independence speeches August 17th short and interesting that can be used as a reference.

Examples of short and interesting independence speeches

1. Example of an independence speech on increasing mutual cooperation

Ladies and gentlemen, on this passionate day, we gather to celebrate Indonesia’s independence. The long history of hero struggles has brought us to this moment, where we can enjoy freedom and sovereignty.

Independence is a precious treasure which we must protect with full responsibility. We have a duty to move this nation forward, overcome challenges and lead Indonesia to a brighter future.

Let’s raise the spirit of mutual cooperation, unity and cooperation. Through joint efforts, we can overcome various problems and create a better life for all Indonesian people.

Let’s move forward together, inspired by history, to shape a brighter future. Happy Indonesia! Independent! Thank you.

2. Examples of pro-independence speeches on the nation’s fighting spirit

Ladies and gentlemen, on this significant day, we gather to celebrate Indonesia’s independence, achieved through great struggle and sacrifice. Our heroes have shown great fighting spirit, and through this struggle, we have a free and independent country.

However, independence is not just dates and numbers. Independence is our responsibility to build and protect this country. We have a duty to continue their fight by advancing our economy, education and social life.

As we welcome the future, we foster the spirit of unity and mutual cooperation. By working together, we can overcome challenges and achieve greater progress. Let’s make independence an inspiration to create a better Indonesia. Thank you.

3. Examples of independence speeches about independence and togetherness

Greetings to all of us, in this historical moment, we celebrate the 78th independence of Indonesia. Independence is a gift that must be valued and maintained. This is the result of the long struggle of our heroes who are tireless and fearless.

However, independence is not just about the state and the government. Independence belongs to every individual in this country. We all have a role in building a more advanced and just Indonesia.

Let’s build intergenerational, interethnic and interreligious cooperation together. We must eradicate divisions and promote the spirit of unity in realizing the nation’s ideals. We celebrate independence with a commitment to work together for a better future. Thank you.

4. Example of independence speech on the protection of the heritage of heroes

On this special day, we gather to commemorate the independence of Indonesia which we have achieved through hard struggles and great sacrifices. We cannot forget the services of our heroes who sacrificed everything for our freedom and independence.


We have a responsibility to protect the legacy of their struggle. We must maintain unity and oneness and build this country with integrity and dedication.

As we celebrate independence, let us commit ourselves to living the values ​​of justice, democracy and tolerance. Let us make this independence a basis for achieving sustainable progress and bringing happiness to all Indonesian people. Thank you.

5. Examples of hero services independence speeches

Ladies and gentlemen, on this sunny morning, we gather in the spirit of togetherness to celebrate the independence of our country for which we fought with passion and sacrifice. The long history of our struggle teaches us how precious the freedom we enjoy today is.

The nation’s heroes have shed blood, sweat and tears to deliver us to this historic moment. We must not forget their services in freeing us from the shackles of colonialism and forming this country with the principles of justice, unity and democracy.

However, independence is not just a national holiday or celebration. Independence is a call to keep working hard, create and build a more advanced nation. Our responsibility is to pass on this struggle relay to future generations, so that they too can taste the sweetness of independence. Thank you.

6. Examples of independence speeches about independence and dreams

Ladies and gentlemen, independence is an expensive and priceless gift. We continue to appreciate and celebrate it with a high national spirit. With determination and hard work, we will be able to make Indonesia a strong, prosperous and independent country on the world stage.

Like the countless stars in the sky, so are the hopes and dreams of every nation. Independence is the stage to make those dreams come true. We not only have a responsibility to the current generation, but also to the generations to come. Let’s keep this flame of passion burning.

On the way to our common goals, let’s maintain unity and tolerance. The richness of this nation lies in the diversity of cultures, ethnicities and religions that exist within it. We must make differences a source of strength, not separators. Thank you

7. Examples of independence speeches about hero sacrifices

Ladies and gentlemen, on this significant day, when the red and white flag flies proudly in the sky, we celebrate the 78th independence of the Republic of Indonesia. We remember the spirit of the heroes who brought us to this historic moment with determination and sacrifice.

However, this independence is not the ultimate goal. The challenges faced are not small. From inequality to poverty to climate change, everyone invites us to come together and find solutions together. Quality education, access to health for all and infrastructure development are the first steps towards a better future.

With the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, we can tackle global challenges together and realize Indonesia’s great potential. We continue to fight for a better future for our next generation.

This is an example of a short and interesting independence speech on August 17th. We hope this sample speech will inspire you in composing a speech about Indonesian independence.


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