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JAKARTA – Seven apps navigator This anti-blocking is an option that Internet users can use to search. This browser can be used easily on both mobiles and PCs. There are advantages that each browser has that are advantages for that browser.

Using an anti-blocking browser is the best way to access websites blocked by the government. Unfortunately, this can cause your device to become infected with viruses. Another way to access government-blocked websites is to use a VPN application, however this can make your connection slow and unstable.

Therefore, many people turn to anti-blocking browsers that block access to blocked websites such as throttle bars that slow down Internet speed. Users must ensure that the application is official and trustworthy to prevent threats to device security or personal data.

Summarized from various sources, here are seven recommendations on the best anti-blocking browsers of 2023 that you can use.

1.Google Chrome

A browser application that can be used on mobile phones and PCs is Google Chrome. This application is very popular and often used by many people around the world.

This browser is one of the fastest and offers features like Google Safe Browsing, offline access to downloaded content, and much more. Google Chrome is also able to open government-blocked sites by changing the application settings to a positive anti-blocking Internet site browser.

2. Firefox

This browser offers privacy protection that can prevent other people from tracking a user’s browsing on the Internet. With intuitive graphics, it offers many features such as hotkey login, ad blocker, password manager and more.

This application can also be synced with Firefox on all devices. It is a browser with all the features that users need to have a safe and fast Internet browsing experience.


This Russian-based search engine is able to access sites that cannot be found in other browsers without using a VPN and incognito mode. There are many names for Yandex Browser, starting with Yandex Russia, Yandex Blue APK, Yandex Browser Japan, and Yandex Indonesia. But basically they are all the same application.

4. Opera

Opera Browser is another most popular and widely used Android browser. This browser offers several advantages starting from an elegant, lightweight user interface, has an ad blocking feature and comes with a direct VPN. Opera’s built-in VPN lets you access blocked sites using a secure free VPN network with a variety of server locations to choose from.

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5. Bing

This browser application has been developed by Microsoft since 2009 with a variety of sophisticated features for Internet browsing. Using voice, users can search for trending content on the Internet via the browser.

This application also gives users access to the original image content from Bing. The ChatGPT technology developed by OpenAI in this browser produces more and more intelligent searches.

6. Microsoft Edge

Another browser developed by Microsoft is Microsoft Edge. This application can be used quickly and safely thanks to the various advanced features it offers.

Users can also sync passwords, collections, and bookmarks across devices with this browser. Equipped with built-in learning and accessibility tools, this browser can understand reading and listen to web pages like a podcast.

7. UC Browser

With the UC browser application, users will get many great features, including VPN. Not only that, in addition to being able to provide a VPN in this application, users can also be provided with many useful features.

Such as fast browsing features, smart downloads and more. This browser comes with AdBlock, Video Control with Motion, Night Mode, Facebook Mode, Small Window Mode, Background Video Playback and many other features that users can enjoy for easy access to information on the Internet.

Of the seven best anti-blocking browser applications of 2023, you can use them safely without worrying about your device getting infected with various viruses. With the many advanced features offered by each browser, each browser has its own advantages. Please use the anti-blocking browser above wisely and responsibly. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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