69th Anniversary, UPI Chancellor: Efforts to Become a World-Class University

TIME.CO, Bandung – Chancellor M. Solehuddin said at the Indonesian University of Education or UPI managed to rank between 1,201 and 1,400 in the QS World University Ranking 2023 list. This ranking, according to him, indicates the extraordinary achievements that the university has achieved in facing global competition.

“The Indonesian University of Education is currently working to become a world-class university,” Soleh said at the event Birthday UPI 69 years old, Friday 20 October 2023.

Currently, according to Soleh, knowledge and learning, considered pillars of renewal and transformation, are no longer sufficient to face the complexity of this era. Strong global disparities and an urgent need to revitalize learning methods, objectives, places and times.

Rapid technological change brings with it transformation, but this innovation has not achieved justice, inclusion and democratic participation. In this situation, according to Soleh, each individual has a heavy responsibility, both towards current and future generations.

“We must ensure that our world is a place of abundance, not scarcity, and that human rights are treated equally for every individual,” Soleh said in his statement.

To build a world-class university, Soleh said it requires hard work, seriousness and profound changes in various aspects. Quality education must remain a top priority, so the curriculum must be updated and adapted to ever-changing global needs.

“We need to expose students to the latest technological advances and innovations, ensuring they are ready to face future challenges,” Soleh said.


Teaching should be a place where students not only gain knowledge, but also develop the skills needed to face the real world. For example, critical thinking skills, creativity, leadership and teamwork.

“Research and innovation are the foundation of world-class universities,” Soleh said.

Research support and facilities need to be improved to encourage new discoveries and technological developments. It is necessary to create a favorable environment for researchers, providing them access to the necessary resources and encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration.

Furthermore, according to Soleh, international cooperation and global collaboration are the keys to achieving world-class university status. Through partnerships with leading universities around the world, UPI can enhance the exchange of knowledge, experience and resources. Student and faculty exchange programmes, joint research projects and collaboration between industry and academia can broaden horizons and increase the competitiveness of the university.

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