6 Ways to Overcome Yandex Error Why Can’t Play Videos 2023: Okezone Techno

DEAR overcome Yandex error unable to play video 2023 will be discussed in this article. This situation often occurs, even if people download Yandex because they want to watch.

Yandex is a Russian multinational company that provides Internet-related products and services, including transportation, search, information services, e-commerce, navigation, mobile applications and online advertising.

Apart from that, Yandex also provides access to various other services offered by the company. For example, users can access their email through this app and easily manage their inbox.

This application also provides access to navigation that can help users find the best route while traveling.

So, how do you fix Yandex error? The following is the review cited from various sources, Thursday (9/28/2023).

1. Check the Internet

Internet stability is important for accessing anything, including Yandex.

If your Internet connection is weak or unstable, videos may not load or play properly.

Make sure you have a stable and strong enough internet connection to stream videos.

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2. Clear the application’s cache and data

Cache and data accumulated in the Yandex application can affect the application’s ability to play videos correctly. To clear app cache and data, go to Settings > Applications > Yandex. Select “Clear cache” and “Clear data”. Please note that this will delete your settings and preferences within the app.

3. Update your browser

Check for updates in your browser or Yandex app. Make sure the version you have is the latest version of the application. With an updated browser, the possibility of errors in Yandex is less.

4. Check the video format

Make sure the video you want to play has a format supported by Yandex such as MP4, AVI, FLV and others. If the video uses an unsupported format, you may need to convert it to a format supported by Yandex or look for an alternative video player that supports that format.

5. Restart your device

If you’ve done all this but Yandex still doesn’t work, try restarting your device. There may be a glitch in your system that can be resolved by rebooting. After rebooting, try the Yandex application again.

6. Just leave it alone

Finally, the possible cause of the Yandex error is a technical problem on the part of Yandex itself. Yes, even though it is a large and well-known platform, there is still a possibility of system problems occurring on their part. So we can’t help but test it periodically.

These are six ways to fix Yandex not allowing to play videos error in 2023.


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